The 3-Lug Mount is a quick-attach mounting option for guns with fixed barrels. The 3-Lug Mount must be used with a 3-Lug Muzzle Device. The 45 caliber 3-Lug Mount must be used only with 45 caliber 3-Lug Mount Muzzle Devices; the 9mm must only be used with 9mm 3-Lug Devices. Our 45 caliber 3-Lug Mounts are made to B&T Spec.

Compatible with the following SilencerCo suppressors:

  • Omega K Series
  • Hybrid 46 (Requires Bravo Piston Mount)
  • Hybrid 46M (Requires Charlie Piston Mount)
  • Omega 36M (Requires Charlie Piston Mount)
  • Alpha MAAD Brake
  • Bravo MAAD Brake (Requires Bravo Piston Mount)
  • Charlie MAAD Brake (Requires Charlie Piston Mount)