Sig Sauer, KILO3K, Rangefinder, Monocular, 6x22mm, Olive Drab Green, RED OLED Display, Circle Reticle

  • Onboard Temperature, Pressure, and Humidity Sensors for Accurate Real-Time Ballistic Calculations
  • 5 Target Modes
  • First, Best, Last, Fog, Extended Range
  • 5 Range Modes
  • BDX-U, BDX-X, AMR, LOS, Archery
  • Drop Remote Waypoints with Basemap App

The KILO3K offers astounding performance, simplicity, and value, combining the industry’s fastest LightwaveTM DSP, Digital Signal Processing engine with streamlined setup and operation. KILO3K rangefinder modes of operation include Line-Of-Sight (LOS), Angle Modified Range (AMR), Archery Mode (ARCH), Applied Ballistics Ultralight (BDX-U), and Applied Ballistics External (BDX-X). In BDX-U mode, the KILO3K utilizes the shooters ballistic profile and measures environmental parameters in real-time to instantly calculate precise windage and elevation solutions in either MOA or MILS. This information is displayed in the rangefinder and is also communicated via Bluetooth to any paired BDX sight to provide the exact illuminated holdover aiming point.