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The DUAL-LOK™ mounting system is machined into the suppressor body, for maximum accuracy and durability. It features a precision taper interface (one locking feature) between the mount and the device ensuring accuracy and repeatable POI shift.  An ACME thread, provides speed and ease of attachment.  A robust wave spring provides a reliable and positive heat resistant spring action to the redundant locking collar (second locking feature).  The locking collar is semi permanently installed to the mount via factory pressed stainless steel splined taper pins.  Since the mount has no wear prone metal on metal sliding actions like many other mounts, there is no need for the operator to disassemble the system.  This locking ring includes three anti-rotation teeth (or splines) which ensure the suppressor will not come off inadvertently.  The muzzle device integrates 60 machined anti-rotation grooves which is doubled by the collar’s two locking positions. How is this achieved? The collar’s two locking positions are machined out of phase of one another by 3 degrees which provides the system with 120 different locations to lock and ensures that when the suppressor is firmly screwed onto the taper a locking spline will be at an ideal location to ensure a rigid and locked suppressor.  When the suppressor is firmly attached, only one of the two lock positions will work, allowing the spring to push the locking collar rearward over the splines.  Every time the operator attaches the suppressor, they will articulate the collar to this same locking position.

Substantial efforts are taken in the manufacturing and inspection of the DUAL-LOK™ products to ensure Griffin customers are outfitted with some of the best suppressor systems in the world.

DUAL-LOK™ suppressors are machined in Griffin’s Watertown Wisconsin facility by freedom loving Americans.


  • DUAL-LOK™ 7.62mm (.30 cal) suppressor
  • DUAL-LOK™ Minimalist Brake 5/8×24 7.62mm (.30 cal) included
  • Branded Griffin pouch


The DUAL-LOK™ 7.62mm suppressor is rated up to 300 PRC.

DUAL-LOK™ Suppressors do not have minimum barrel length restrictions or constraints for rifle calibers. While longer barrels promote longer service life, there are no barrel length restrictions with this suppressor!




Overall Length:


Length Added:

5.6″ when using included Minimalist Brake, 4.6″ when using longer devices


12.6 Ounces


High strength, high temperature, corrosion resistant 17-4PH Stainless Steel


DUAL-LOK™ Mounts

DB Rating:

 (139DB) 16” 308win AR10, (125DB) 9.5” 300BLK SUB, (136DB) 11.5″ 5.56mm Griffin MK1


High Temp Cerakote

Full Auto Rated:




  • Utility patents pending

  • Wear free mounting system, requires no consumable parts

  • Taper lock interface ensures security and accuracy

  • ACME thread provides speed of attachment

  • Locking ring incorporates 3 anti-rotation teeth to eliminate inadvertent loosening

  • 120 effective positions ensure a rock-solid suppressor mount and provide extremely low POI shift

  • 17-4 stainless steel & 718 Inconel

  • Laser welded tubeless design

  • Patent pending flash reducing and flow optimized end cap

  • DUAL-LOK™ Minimalist Brake 5/8×24 7.62mm (.30 cal) Included

  • ¾” wrench flats on muzzle devices

  • Collar Nitrided black for increased surface hardness, corrosion, and wear resistance

  • Suppressor body H900 heat treated and Cerakoted

  • Perpetual™ Lifetime Warranty