B&T – Impuls-OLS Compact pistol suppressor – 9MM

IMPULS-OLS Suppressors

Based on the proven Impuls-IIA suppressor, the Impuls-OLS was designed for specialized military and law enforcement missions when every gram of weight makes a difference. The Impuls-OLS pistol suppressor in 9x19mm has been designed to offer users a high-performance solution when seeking a balance between minimal size and weight, while still offering excellent noise reduction. The Impuls-OLS is the same length as our standard Impuls-IIA, but is about 110 grams lighter. The Impuls-OLS has been rigorously tested to be both reliable and effective with a wide variety of differing types of pistols and offers user the ability to adjust point of impact. The Impuls-OLS is available with several different thread sizes and therefore can be used with basically every standard pistol available on the market today, and many that are not. The Impuls-OLS is available in standard and compact versions.


  • Available in Standard or Compact
  • Lightweight Construction
  • Adjustable Point of Impact
  • Part Number:SD-122751-US
  • Color:Black
  • Finish:Anodized
  • Material:Aluminum
  • Caliber:9mm
  • Attachment Options:Direct Thread
  • Length:5.9-inches
  • Diameter:1.4-inches
  • Weight:7.4 oz.